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Web Testing is a technique exclusively adopted to test the appS hosted on web in which the application interfaces and other functionalities are tested. New methods and tools emerge quickly in the web application testing arena. The methodology and tools we select depend on the features of the application and the development parameters, such as language and software.  Various types of web testing that our company follows to test a website are:-

  1. Functionality Testing: Finding Independent QA testing non-biased partners by the development unit is important to the success of a quality product. At Intellisqa, we value this and are able to report the transparent view. Our aim is to measure the performance of the functional components. We practice a good technique when conducting functional, GUI, Database and Regression testing.
  2. Usability Testing: We at Intellisqa have built a usability testing methodology based on our experience of testing for usability by a wide range of our clients. Our usability testing services covers both mobile and web versions of applications and includes tests like screen resolution checks, compatibility across operating systems and devices, Alpha/Beta testing, amongst others to ensure conformance to user expectations.
  1. Interface Testing: We at Intellisqa, Interface Testing is done to evaluate whether systems or components pass data and control correctly to one another. It is to check if all the interactions between these modules are working properly and errors are handled properly.
  2. Compatibility Testing: We at Intellisqa, make sure the software application is working fine in every aspects like browsers, database, operating system, mobile devices and networks. We follow a pattern to test any application in equal time interval to confirm browser and operating system compatibility. As a Non- functional tests, Compatibility testing is done to endorse that the application runs successfully in different browsers, versions, OS and networks.
  3. Performance Testing: Intellisqa has a dedicated and focused group of testers who are experts in creating performance tests for applications. These testers are experienced and also proficient in testing using Jmeter and other open source automation tools. The QA team has a lot of experience in performance testing using Jmeter and Fiddler for all kinds of mobile applications, web applications, APIs, internet based desktop applications and web services.
  4. Security Testing: We at Intellisqa, have a dedicated, proficient security testing team experienced in open source tools to take on security testing from initial stages of the SDLC. We have integrated our testing methodology with industry best practices such as Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

BROWSERSTACK: At Intellisqa, we user BrowserStack, a  cross-browser cloud-based testing tool that enables testers  to test their websites across various browsers versions, different operating systems and mobile devices, without a need for users to install virtual machines, devices or emulators. Here, real browsers are installed on real devices, so testing on them is just as best as testing on a browser installed on your local machine. Test results are always accurate, as they would be on a freshly-installed, local browser. This tool also covers all your bases by browser testing on a range of screen resolutions. It has a solid mix of 6 OS X and 5 Windows versions and also new and updated versions added just after release.This can rapidly test your designs and layouts by generating screenshots on 100+ mobile and desktop browsers with a click of a mouse. It’s best for testing responsive web design on a range of screen sizes and resolutions instantly, without trying on each browser combination manually.

We guarantee the best quality, reliability, and seamless usability at an affordable price. The in-house experts with ample skills and experience allow us to provide extensive independent software product testing and QA services. This ensures complete verification of all features, including its service capability, market needs, cross browser testing, compatibility testing, performance load, and security concerns of an application.We are competent in formulating customised methodologies and identifying the best tools for testing applications, systems, and websites, which helps the clients in regaining faith in us for their outsourcing initiatives.

Our Areas of Expertise:

The essence of our expertise lies in offering wide range of testing services, including:

·         System testing

·         Functional testing

·         Network testing

·         Platform testing

·         Compatibility testing

·         Security testing

·         Performance testing

·         Business workflow testing

·         Integration testing

·         Website testing

·         Globalization testing

·         Database testing

·         Component and API testing

·         Cross browser testing

·         Business process testing