QA Management

Quality Assurance Management

Effective qa management is a critical part of test high quality software and hardware products. Test management ensures the delivery of advance quality projects. All requirements must complete test coverage and issues discovered during testing must be accurately checked, evaluated and resolved. Ensures the end product meets the stated requirements and meets acceptable functional and performance criteria. Test management keeps the test effort organized and on schedule throughout the entire project.
Why do we need test management?

An important part of test management process is to focus on attention with effective test management processes will not only increase customer satisfaction, but will also increase smoother and more consistent projects. Test management can be broken into different phases: test organization, planning, analysis, test execution, reporting, modification and maintenance.
Test Planning:

Test planning is highly demand, it should reflects your entire testing schedule and approach. Software test planning reserves far better comparatively in SDLC phase. What has to be done in testing is actually decided in planning phase. The test plan document consider Product Description, SRS (Software Requirement Specification), Use Case Documents. Test plan usually prepared by test lead and test manager.

In test planning us focus to describe in plan how to test, when to test, what to test and who will do what test. My point of view is that when a testing phase starts and the Test Manager is “controlling” the test plan should be modified to reflect any difference from the original plan. After all, Planning and Controlling are continuous activities in the formal test process.
Test Modelling:

IISPL provides Testing services in different models based on the project requirement.


The V-Model is a relationship between each phase of the development life cycle and its associated phase of testing. The V-model is a SDLC model which is considered to be an extension of the waterfall model. Instead of moving down in a linear way in V-Model, the process steps are targeted upwards after the coding phase.
Test Design:

Test design is to create a plan for implement idea and technique or way to performing a task. Test design is a set of input and will provide a set of expected output. So basics of this we insure that the system is working well enough and it can be released with few little bit problems. Flexible and transparent approach of IISPL is to assure clients of low cost, proactive communication, and provide superior quality of testing services. Our test design and methodology incorporate all client requirements, capture their process, and provide the best possible QA services. In teams design and develop testing services providing clients immense advantage in the form of open source tools and on-budget and on-time delivery.

Product Quality Goals
Make a commitment: – Is this means of “Ending of month the quality is same as begging of month.
Track mistakes: – Track mistakes means “if you are commit to quality you first define what quality is?”
Invest in training: – Training takes on several dimensions. You should set up a new-employee initiation program that trains workers to focus on quality issues from their first day on the job.
Timeliness: – On time delivery of product.
Reliability: – Testing services is to assuring that all functioning of project is working fine as per client specification and expectation.

Test case management:

Test case management is to extremely focus on client requirement and QA services. We select the best tools and methodology based on our experience, so our strategy that assures systematic, reliable and effective management to our client. Our approach to handle all type of test scenario, top class model and provide effective test case management. Test case management provide many of services like.

Proactive communication is one of the feature of test case management is provide better communication between the client, developer and QA team at every stage.
Test case execution is the testing services going as per the planned schedule and ensures on-time delivery.
We have expertise to create and control different scenario so it assures the reliable and objective testing.

User story management:

User story is part of project management methodology is helps to create to a simplified description of a project requirement, user story describe the type of user what they want and why. An Agile user story is meant usually fitting on a note card. The user stories should be written in business language of customer so that it is very clear to both team (business and development) what the customer wants and why he wants it. The work of development team’s is to take care of how to develop the code that will match the requirements of the user story. Developers collaborate closely with the business owners so he well understood to clarify the details as the code gets developed.
Test estimation:

Test estimation is the process to keeping view client requirement, budget and time. Our best estimation is to covered all require cost, methodology, time, risk and tools. Estimation helps us in testing of software with maximum coverage and this is one of the major and important tasks in SDLC. Some of the techniques which we are carefully during the estimating of effort for testing.

Best Guess
Ad-hoc Method
Experience Based
Bottom-up estimation following the work Breakdown Structure
Three Point Estimation
Functional/Testing point estimation
Test Point Analysis
Consider Bug Cycle
All the Available Resources for Estimated time so we can easily manage it.
Top-down estimation based on limitations and previous.

Test process:

We are offering highest-level testing and QA services and focus to provide better quality of services. Our testing approach provide enough room for incorporation of client suggestions midway and integration of the test scenarios with existing process for better client convenience. We give you the flexibility to pick the complete suite of services and services to meet your current quality needs. It takes a lot of experience to build objectivity into every test effort.
Test Process element and features are as follows:

Our complete test plan informed all test policy and test strategy or we can say that “what will be tested and why”.
We make complete schedule from begging to end.
To test all specification, design and development for completion the task.
We execute all the scenarios.
We complete our task when all exit criteria meets on priority based.
We archive test target by QA consultant